Corporate Introduction

Platform Technology Based First-in-class
New Drug Development Company

AptaBio Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 as a biopharmaceutical company that develops platform based innovative first-in-class innovative drugs for intractable diseases. In the company name, 'Apta' means 'too fit' in Greek, and we are committed to develop new drugs with the hope that the drugs developed by AptaBio are well suited to patients.

We have two core platform technologies. The first core technology, 'hNOX HTS Assay', is being used to develop new drugs for diabetic complications by controlling the NOX (NADPH oxidase) which is involved in production of reactive oxidative stress (ROS). The second core technology, 'Aptamer-drug conjugate (Apta-DC) platform', is to develop new drugs to treat incurable cancer diseases with high unmet medical needs. We are doing our best to develop various competitive pipelines in the global market and aims to be a global company.