Total of five global license-out deals by 2020

R&D Platform Construction
  • Securing Apta-DC
    original technology
  • Patent Application for
    Diabetic nephropathy
  • Corporate Establishment
Pipeline Development
  • Anticancer Project with
    National Cancer Hospital
    (0.8M USD)
  • Healthcare Disease
    Conquest of Technology
    (1.1M USD)
  • High Tech & Business
    Development Project
    (7.2M USD)
Platform Expansion
  • Apta-16 License Out Deal
  • Apta-12 License Out Deal
  • Patent applications for eye
    diseases & liver diseases
  • Patent applications for
    Hematologic Malignancy
Expand Global Business Opportunities
  • Completion of Phase
    I clinical trial in EU
  • wet-AMD Drug License
    Out Deal
  • 2 Global License Out Deals
  • Initiate 4 clinical trials
  • Phase II : Diabetic
    Nephropathy · NASH
    (2 pipelines)
  • Phase I/II : AML· wet-AMD
    (2 pipelines)