Global Partnerships

Partnerships in Korea

  • Diabetic Nephropathy efficacy
    & clinical research

  • Apta-16 AML drug development

    wet-AMD drug development

  • Diabetic Nephropathy
    bioactivity research

  • Anticancer efficacy and
    clinical research

  • Anticancer drug efficacy
    & clinical research

  • Ocular disease drug efficacy
    and clinical research

  • Animal study model on liver disease
    clinical research

We are pursuing open innovation strategies to develop innovative new drugs

The core drug R&D activities, such as the role of a control tower and drug candidate output are executed by the internal R&D Team. Basic research and clinical Interventional studies of new drug candidates at various phases of new drug development are being conducted in cooperation with external partners, such as universities, hospitals, CRO, and CMO. Our external scientific advisory committees, consisted of professors from the major universities in medicines and chemistry in Korea, are actively supporting the company's research and development in all directions.

As a company specializing in the development of novel drugs, we utilize in-house expertise up to phase 2 clinical studies, and safety studies and API production for the purpose of clinical development and regulatory affairs, are ongoing in cooperation with GLP, GCP, or GMP accredited CROs/CMOs by the regulatory authorities of developed countries.