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Korea Univ. Jung** The professor said that he usually used foreign products, but the due to high price of the foreign product it was hard for him to manage the research budget since it is limited. Then, I tried using Lipofector-EZ which uses was HEK293, and the cells were observed under a microscope to confirm the transfection. Inevitably, despite using antibiotics in the badge, less than 5% of the total cells were dead. In terms of price, efficiency and convenience, I would like to give you five stars.
Kanwon Univ. Wi** It was confirmed that the protein was expressed similarly to reagent L of T company, which was a transfection reagent used in the past. The amount of expression was much higher than that of transfection using PEI.
Seoul Nat. Med. School. Lee** We conducted the experiment easily because of its simplified method compared to other companies. It showed comparable or lower toxicity compared to the company I, and excellent expression level was confirmed even when plasmid DNA was transfected. Also, I think it is enough to consider the use because there is a price merit compared to other companies.
DongKook Univ. No** Compared with another transfection reagent (Reagent L from T Company), it showed good transfection efficiency. I think it will be a good product to get excellent results at a reasonable price
Ulsan Univ. Kim** Lipofector-EZ showed similar or better transfection efficiencies compared to other products. Considering similar protocol with other products, it is suitable as an alternative to existing products.
Inje Univ. Hwang** Compared to Reagent L2000, the toxicity was relatively low and the transfection efficiency was also higher than that of conventional products.
KRIBB Ahn** We were able to achieve similar results at a lower cost than the products we were using. I was a bit sensitive to the reagent when I was doing cell experiments and the results were more satisfying than I expected.
Many of researchers are very satisfied with these
Lipofector-series transfection reagents.

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